"The Breakdancing Ninja"

Available for performances, weddings, bar mitzvahs, casting, shows you name it. Pay for my Ninjas to do what we do best, Boogie Down!

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Past Shows

(Dancing on Solar Panels)

(15k people want to see Breakdancing? Getting Ready Backstage)

(20k people at the Gorge Amphitheatre and Body Painted)


"Thanks again Daniel.  I’m looking forward to sending you a few pics from the wedding.  You guys did an unbelievable job and it was one of the highlights of my entire evening… (a close second to the wedding itself) ;) All the best!"


   You had an amazing show and everyone I talked to said they loved your act. If any pictures get sent to me I will forward them to you. Thank you so much for participating and we for sure want you to come back next year. Let me know if you have any further questions."
Exhibitor Services Coordinator
Network Events Inc.

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Family Night with Breakdancing Lessons


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Who is the Breakdancing Ninja?

I teach Breakdancing to anyone that wants to learn and perform for anyone that wants to watch!

I am a self taught breakdancer that started at age 15 in 1996 in a barn. I had alot of free time and a copy of the movie BeatStreet to guide me. I practiced two hours every other day and six months later I figured out how to do the windmill and redeemed the Puma Jumpsuit my brother bought me. I have had a blast since and will never stop Breakdancing.

I learned in the spacious Breakdancing Barn.  Being out in the middle of nowhere made it easy to practice for hours.

YOU CAN DO IT! So get off your butt and start today!

Breakdancing with the United States Marine Corps

Early Breakdancing Ninja with United States Marines aboard the USS Denver somewhere in the Pacific...